We offer many services, from market analysis to clinical research and counseling. When analyzing the market, we offer Ad Hoc research and continuous research tailored to the needs of our clients. In the context of Ad Hoc research, we are able to collect information that doctors do not disclose directly to pharmacists and present them in an organized and clear report.


The methodologies we use

We use several different methodologies. Surveys and interviews make it possible to obtain a large number of quantitative data with a high degree of standardization. Interviews allow us to obtain qualitative and quantitative data. Focus groups are organized in order to obtain in-depth feedback of the target population, and the teleconverter is a solution that represents an effective alternative where physical presence is not needed. “Dashboard” is a methodology where we review sales, which allows interactive tracking of predefined sales indicators. One of the methodologies is monitoring the patient’s complications for the selected products and the secret buyer. A secret customer focuses on reviewing the approach of pharmacists to consumers. We have developed a methodology that enables tracking of recall, advantages, comparison with the main competitors and gathering opinions on selected products.